rueckgratlose heldinnen

composition with cinematographic score & installation


Michael Bruckner-Weinhuber (makrophotography & cinematographic scores, guitar)
Dominik Grünbühel (cinematographic scores)
Katharina Weinhuber (cinematographic scores)
Daniel Lercher (4-ch electronic)

workers of a small, communicative ant populace in hernals and other invertebrate
animals are the heroes of the evening.
following their nature, they create incredible things and amuse by way of doing
that. the animals are the source of inspiration for the music. they are pictured carefully
in subtle scenaries - the piece is played according to photo- and video scores.


09.november 2011__wuk, vienna__concert
09.dezember 2011__echoraum, vienna__concert
12.jaenner 2013__amann studios, vienna__concert
03.november 2013__porgy&bess, vienna__concert+installation
21.november 2013__schikaneder, vienna__concert
23.jaenner 2014__hörberatung, vienna__concert+installation


extract part I