The third release from the Slovak house called Mappa is a cassette by Daniel Lercher and Vinzenz Schwab, both from Austria. From Lercher we reviewed his 'Missa Brevis' (Vital Weekly 984) and a work he did with Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (Vital Weekly 932). On these older releases he used field recordings, transducers and electronics to create his music. Here he teams up with Vinzenz Schwab, of whom we reviewed 'Dings #1' in Vital Weekly 963, who works extensively with a laptop to transform sounds. This is their first collaborative release and in the two pieces that come close to an hour of music they play around with their laptops, noise, field recordings and sounds of an electro-acoustic nature. The first side is a studio piece, the other side is live. There are some differences. In the studio piece they work with shorter pieces, even when they are all glued together, shorter attention spans and it is more a showcase of what they can do; all of the variations on the same theme, as it were. It's quite noise, but in a civilized manner, nothing overtly harsh, but it uses quite some scratched records, hiss and thunder. The other side contains a live recording and basically that's divided into three sections, starting out with some louder, hissier drones and ending with such, even noisier at that (maybe a bit of clichéd ending for a concert), but with an extended section in the middle where things are considerable soft and some careful sound processing is taking place. Some of this sounded perhaps a bit easy, especially the ending, but I must say throughout I enjoyed the live side a bit more than the studio side. Here is all seems to come together what they rehearsed on the other side. This is a sturdy and intelligent work of improvised noise. (Frans de Waard)
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