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sesiones en casa [21'39''] solo at matik-matik
bogota, mar2017
duo_v [03'27''] w/ henrik nørstebø (trombone)
alte schmiede vienna, jan2016
moer [06'42''] 16-ch ambisonic piece
played at ICSA 2015
(binaural downmix)
dead squirrels [17'31''] wilhelm/schwab/lercher
velak-gala#85, dez 2014
liegekonzert [26'42''] solo 4-ch körperschallwandler concert
vekks wien, june 2013
bloeder mittwoch [09'52''] w/ franz hautzinger
rhiz wien, feb2012
ori [13'05''] w/ markus rass
leechkirche graz, jan2012
fleischschalen [9'29''] solo in a living room, vienna_apr2011
why do we start talking when theres something to hear? [13'35''] solo at art's birthday 2010
esc, graz
in theROOM [16'23''] solo inside an installation by o.blaat
microphone & broken speaker-feedback
medien kultur haus wels, 2009
hungry ghost [3'11''] hui ye / bernhard schoeberl - electronics
daniel lercher - video processing
live at klub moozak_oct09
velak_rec#00 [archive.org] bernhard schoeberl/peter kutin/daniel lercher
live at velak_rec#00_garnison7_jan09
giza [18'56''] opening concert for the exhibition 'giza i ruh'
at ESC_graz, may 08
daniel lercher & peter kutin
melodi baritone [11'06''] maja osojnik & daniel lercher
live at porgy&bess_may2007
pdt [18'24''] peter kutin/daniel lercher/tim blechmann
live at elak-gala dez.2007
topos scarcity [4'15''] solo at liquid music festival2005
oropendola [3'27''] [p] vaupes-colombia, 2017
reverse frogs [2'49''] frogs
mitu-colombia, 2017
bamboo [2'35''] [p] bamboo trees, wind
minca-colombia, 2017
cicada [2'53''] [p] new zealand, 2015
water pipeline [2'35''] [p] north east victoria, australia 2015
schaaafe [2'04''] [p] * new zealand, 2015
tuempel tiere [5'19''] austria, 2011
bihar bahnhof [4'41''] * broken loudspeaker at a trainstation in bihar
india, 2010
ghat varanasi [5'34''] [p] * washers at the ghats, boats, children..
varanasi, india, 2010
hafen gamelan [3'26''] [p] harbour st.petri
andalusia, 2009
night drone [6'05''] [p] * vienna, 2009

hellnar [7'33''] [p] *

bay of hellnar
iceland, 2008
steinwasser [3'29''] iceland, 2008
schwarzer sand [4'07''] [p] iceland, 2008
vashisht soundwalk [10'36''] [p] * soundwalk through vashisht
india, 2007
novizenchor [5'32''] [p] * novice evening practices, a russian child, a bell
rewalsar, india, 2007
frauenchor [3'56''] * a group of women making music in a temple
mcleod ganj, india, 2007
dip tse [1'36''] [p] * morningclass in the dip tse monastery
mcleod ganj, india, 2007
brahma [8'47''] * ...
india, 2007
*due to binaural-recording
these fieldrecordings are intended to be listened to on headphones
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