ucdr048 - dirac - Untitled (CDR 12.2007)

dirac is an austrian trio by Peter Kutin, Daniel Lercher and Florian Kindlinger. Bringin a kind of 21st century's chamber music that reminds us to the quite parts of Godspeed You Black Emperor. They use and play electric and acoustic guitars, organ, harmonica, various flutes, cymbals, laptops, vibraphone, effects, piano, radio, trumpet, bells, saxophone, clocks, various toyinstruments, ebows, singing bowls, voices, bows, piezzos, microphones, feedbacks, fieldrecordings, kalimba, maultrommel, glockenspiel, glasses, klangoliven, vocals, floortom, snare drum. Ivana Primorac lend her voice and played cello, David Knauer played his e-viola. They recorded and released their nameless debut demo in 2006 and this is now offical released with an extra Ontayso remix on U-cover Cdr label. A beautiful dark ambient album of a superb quality!



Using a tremendously varied range of instruments and techniques, the Austrian trio of Dirac provide a simply fascinating album for U-Cover. Deep, delightfully obscure soundscapes and textures flow together along with some almost Godspeed-esque moments of songwriting. Deliciously dark at times and with a highly focused approach to arrangements, this is another piece of work that pushes the U-Cover boundaries in all the right directions. Top notch.
(Mike Oliver) - Smallfish - 03.2008"